Monday, November 28, 2011


Last week was Thanksgiving! Oh I just love Thanksgiving! Its a great excuse to eat and hang out with the family all day! I woke up on Thursday with my husband gone ( turkey bowl) and a BIG FAT news paper on my bed with a note written on the front page that said "Happy Thanksgiving baby!! #1 thing I am grateful for is you! I love you!" aww! two of my favorite things! love notes and Black Friday newspaper! its been a tradition to watch the Macy's Day Parade! oh its so great! So for a few hours Chloe and Allen and my self snuggled in bed and watched the parade while we waited for Stephen to come home. Later that night we went to Grandma and Grandpa Hallings for Thanksgiving dinner, ( I am so bad at taking pictures on holidays.. sorry) It was fun to get together with the Hallings! Grandma and Grandpa Halling are the sweetest people you'll ever meet! I could just sit and talk to grandpa all day! Every time we leave I always say to Stephen " He is so dang cute!" they both just have the purest hearts! I'm very grateful for them! After the Hallings we went over to my parents house for our "2nd" dinner,  Its always a wild (loud) time at my house! After dinner the planning and plotting begins... We are those CRAZY black Friday shoppers! It is literally like a sport to us, there is about 10 of us crazies running through the stores! I say its one of the BEST holidays EVER! 5 scratches, a couple of bruises and 10 sleepless hours later... we got everything + more on our list!on top of all that craziness I put up all my Christmas decorations...By myself , (Stephen was playing soccer) which was fun except if you haven't seen my tree it is 10 ft tall... yeah that was a workout! but its up and it looks fabulous if I do say so myself!  it was an awesome weekend, I just wish it wouldn't go by so fast! I'm excited for this week.. My 22nd Birthday, The Festival of Trees! Yahoo! I love the Holidays!

 This is the BEST Candle EVER! Its from Bath and Body, EVERYONE needs this in there home for the holidays! ( they are on sale right now... 2 for 20!)
 I made Stephen come stand by the tree to show people how big that thing is! Stephen is 6'3

My sweet love note on my black Friday newspaper... its really hard to read :)

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  1. Black Friday = Good times!
    I love your tree it's gorgeous!!!
    You are so cute, I'm glad you are happy!
    Love you...