Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


WOW! Tomorrow is THANKSGIVING!!!! And I am so excited!!!! here are some things I am grateful for.... (in no particular order)
My sweet Allen baby, My dad saved him from a shelter ( I am NOT a cat lover) and asked if we wanted a friend to live with us, I was excited to bring him home , because he is was sooo cute! Since we got him home he has been our little buddy, he is not your average cat... he is the sweetest kitty ever, he is a GREAT cat! he is the perfect addition to our home :)
I have been blessed with the best friends in the world, I know that they will forever be our friends! I met them all through Stephen, they all have been best friends For the longest time! I Also was so blessed to have met Ashley (Marks wife) she is such a sweet person, I love her to death! also Kelsey (not in the picture) She is such a funny girl! every time she comes around we have the funnest time! I am so GRATEFUL For these WONDERFUL people!
Cliff and Elise Halling, My in laws :) they are the sweetest people! I'm lucky i married into a great family, they are willing to help with any thing we need help with and they are such a great example! Cliff is such a sweet tender hearted man with a warming smile. Elise , she is such an AMAZING cook... haha its hard to live up to . she does alot for her church and neighbors. I love them dearly.
OH BOY! my parents! I think this picture sums it up... :) I am truly blessed to have such wonderful parents, not only are they my parents but they are also my BEST FRIENDS, I am grateful that I can tell them everything and them be understanding. My mom is such a great woman, she is always doing something for some one else... I want to be like my mom when I get older, she is such a sweet example to me and my sisters . My sweet dad, My dad has the sweetest soul, he has the power to make people feel like they are SO loved, I don't express how much he means to me like I should, but I have the best dad in the world, he is someone I want to be more like, When things happen to me , my dad is the one I turn to, he has a way with words and can make you feel like EVERYTHING is OK! I love my parents very much!
:) Stephen (Boo) he is the most sincere guy your ever going to meet, he is very quiet and so humble ;) I have so much fun with him, he is my best friend. he loves me and that's all I could ask for in a man! he is very athletic and good looking that's always a plus! Stephen is a great example to me in many ways , he unlike me lives life to the fullest and is fearless, I hope someday I can have some of those same tendencies :) I love you boo!

My Heavenly Father, With out him my life would be so different. He has given my the greatest blessings. I rely alot on the lord, when everything falls apart he is the one I turn to . I don't show him enough how grateful I am for him like I should , But I truly love him and am so grateful for his sacrifices he has made for me!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vacation #2

YAHOO!! so these past couple of weeks Stephen and I and a WHOLE bunch of our really great friends planned a Cruise and a little vacation to Florida! sooo my lovely friend Ashley and her husband mark found flight tickets to Florida for super cheap! and a cruise to the BAHAMAS for dirt cheap, so we all decided to jump on that! so in January we are flying to Miami Florida and leaving on our cruise the next day, to the Bahamas ,THEN when we get back to Miami we are going to go to universal studios ! we are so excited to visit that new harry potter world! we cant wait! wanna know the best part??? the whole cruise for the both of us cost a little under $1000!! two great vacations in 7 mo??? sounds good to me!! :)

FALL?? Where???

WOW!!! Fall has come and gone within the blink of an eye! here is a recap...
Ash, Kels ,and I

the yummy carmled apples I made! :)
the JAZZ
Walk for hearing. Jodi, Hot ROD Hunley ,and I
the new MAC :)

Ericks see ya later party...cake was involved...
the fair:)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


For my heavenly father...
For my AMAZING husband...
For my Sweet family...
For my WONDERFUL friends...
For all the many blessings I have...
Today I feel grateful....

Monday, September 27, 2010

short post

Well, on the 24Th Stephen and I hit our 3 month ann. yahoo! haha ok so your thinking 3 mo??? that's nothing, they are still newlyweds...yes but when I think back to June, it seems like forever ago. I love being married! especially to my best friend! I need to post some pics but the thing is our laptop is a piece! so we are trying to save up for a mac, so when that day comes, you will get to see more pics!

Friday, September 24, 2010

~Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says, " I'll try again tomorrow."
~ Mary Anne Radmacher

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Cove Trailer

The Cove PSA - My Friend Is...


The Cove
The water liltery turns blood red

Last night Stephen and I were in bed and we stumbled across a show that was called "the Cove" this show is a documentary about a little town in Japan, and off the coast they have a hidden cove and there they slaughter dolphins, daily for 6 months. They sell some of the dolphins to zoos and aquariums... the dolphins who don't get picked get slaughtered and get sold for their meat. Dolphin meat by the way contains mercury, The fishermen know this but most of japan and other parts of the world do not, because when they ship out the meat they label it as " whale meat" . The video I watched last night brought me to tears to see these beautiful innocent animals suffer. The way they kill them is so inhumane , The fishermen have big nets that close the dolphins in and bring them into shallow waters, the fishermen get in a boat and stab them till they stop breathing , the small cove that they were once in is now a deep blood red color. Thousands of dolphins die each year at the small cove hidden on the coast of Japan. The dolphin slaughtering is getting more publicity due to the videos and pictures that are emerging , and this is a great thing, up until now no one had any idea about the mass slaughter and the more it gets out the more people,countries will step in and end this madness. they have a website its called and you can go on and get more educated. Also if you want to help you can donate and more. More importantly SPREAD THE WORD!!! SAVE THE DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer Fun

Captian Allen :)
one of my crafts
My sister Brittneys birthday
2 mo anniversary :)

Stephen and I at the fair
Ash and Mark :)
Some of the guys
ooook so im still trying to figure this blog thing out ..still. I want to blog so I can look back at all the great memories we are making today :) so lots has happened this summer... Wedding,Jamaica,new apartment,friends,family,crafts, boating, and Allen .... :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

WEll! soooo much has happend in the last month, 1st I got married! :) the day went very well! i woke up that day feeling like it was just another day, I remember seeing Stephen earlier that day to take the cake to his house and it was like it was just another day...and not that like the next time we see each other we would be married...! so the sealing was AMAZING! beautiful, the words that were said were, beyond This world, After that I went and got dressed and I remember walking down the hall in the temple, in my dress and I saw about 5 boys waiting for their wives to walk down the hall (I think I was the First) and then Stephen stood up and he was dressed in his tux..He looked amazing and all we said to eachother was WOW :) after that we took pictures outside with the family then just pictures of me and Stephen and I started to get a little sick... It was hot and I didnt eat a THING! Bad idea! sooo as soon I got back to the temple to get dressed I ran to the Bathroom and...well you know I vomited :( haha I think my dress was a little too tight. it happened again at the reception... and after that I was good :) haha the reception was flawless! amazing, My mom and sisters did such an amazing job with everything! that was the best day of my life! the next day we left for Jamaica the next day, and let me just tell you ... I HATE FLYING!!! but we got to atlanta georgia at 11 pm and it was pretty scary... we loocked ourselfs in our hotel alllll night hahah then we woke up and took our next flight to jamaica... we had so much fun in jamaica! it was so beautiful! We were unable to use our phones, because there was no service and it was the best thing because it forsed us to just focus on eachother! we had the best time... i'll post pics soon!

Friday, June 18, 2010

One week, one week till the "happiest day" of my life will happen.... but, Im sick and other issues have decided they wanted to pick on me this week . WTF?? oh well im going to concider them as blessings...better now and not next week Yikes! I still feel like I have so much to do? but I cant focus for some reason.. weird. The most thing I am excited about is Jamaica, I Just cant wait to get the heck out of hear! Tomorrow im getting my endowments out, scared, nervous? YES. I just dont know what to expect, but oh well im ready for all the blessings :) it should be an exciting day...

Friday, June 11, 2010

I guess I'll give this blog thing another try... I dont get it ha.
Well Im Shaylei Anderson and two weeks i'll be Shaylei Halling! yahoo! im so excited to marry my best friend! His name is Stephen and we have almost been dating for a year! We are getting married in the SLC Temple on the 24th of this month! and we are so excited! we are going to Jamaica for out honeymoon! and I cant wait to get out of here and relax! (finally)