Monday, August 30, 2010


The Cove
The water liltery turns blood red

Last night Stephen and I were in bed and we stumbled across a show that was called "the Cove" this show is a documentary about a little town in Japan, and off the coast they have a hidden cove and there they slaughter dolphins, daily for 6 months. They sell some of the dolphins to zoos and aquariums... the dolphins who don't get picked get slaughtered and get sold for their meat. Dolphin meat by the way contains mercury, The fishermen know this but most of japan and other parts of the world do not, because when they ship out the meat they label it as " whale meat" . The video I watched last night brought me to tears to see these beautiful innocent animals suffer. The way they kill them is so inhumane , The fishermen have big nets that close the dolphins in and bring them into shallow waters, the fishermen get in a boat and stab them till they stop breathing , the small cove that they were once in is now a deep blood red color. Thousands of dolphins die each year at the small cove hidden on the coast of Japan. The dolphin slaughtering is getting more publicity due to the videos and pictures that are emerging , and this is a great thing, up until now no one had any idea about the mass slaughter and the more it gets out the more people,countries will step in and end this madness. they have a website its called and you can go on and get more educated. Also if you want to help you can donate and more. More importantly SPREAD THE WORD!!! SAVE THE DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!

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