Sunday, June 26, 2011

One year Anniversary!

Well we made it! :) We made it with out getting pregnant hehe ;) I cant believe it has been one year since we got sealed in the temple! that was such a great day! Stephen is my best friend! he is always there to comfort me and love me! Well for our one year anniversary we went to Boston and New York at the beginning of this month ... so we decided to make things simple and just go to a dinner and a movie :) and for my gift.. Stephen got me a cute little baby puppy :) her name is chloe! She is a blast! cant wait for next year ;)

Boston/ New York

At the beginning of this month we went to Boston and New York...Wow was it amazing! We were so grateful to be able to go to such amazing places! First BOSTON was AMAZING by far one of the COOLEST cities I have ever been to,Fenway,Salem, the little towns were so cute. I told Stephen that I want to live there someday! Second! NEW YORK was so cool, its a place that I have always wanted to go to... and finally we were able to ! the energy of New York is unreal! it is defiantly a different way of living! I will most defiantly be going back to both cities! 

(not in order)

 Our first glance at NYC!

 Tiffanys :)

 Hotel Night
 the bed was glowing...

 mini cupcakes... yum!

 so excited for Boston!

 Rhode Island
 Newport mansions!

 Check out all that jewelry! 


 THe hot dogs were AMAZING!

 The highways to NewYork were like this the whole way! so pretty!
 Times Square
 Sad to go home! 
Allen missed us :)
 My favorite souvenir ;)

Friday, June 24, 2011

one year...

Wow does the time fly....