Wednesday, November 24, 2010


WOW! Tomorrow is THANKSGIVING!!!! And I am so excited!!!! here are some things I am grateful for.... (in no particular order)
My sweet Allen baby, My dad saved him from a shelter ( I am NOT a cat lover) and asked if we wanted a friend to live with us, I was excited to bring him home , because he is was sooo cute! Since we got him home he has been our little buddy, he is not your average cat... he is the sweetest kitty ever, he is a GREAT cat! he is the perfect addition to our home :)
I have been blessed with the best friends in the world, I know that they will forever be our friends! I met them all through Stephen, they all have been best friends For the longest time! I Also was so blessed to have met Ashley (Marks wife) she is such a sweet person, I love her to death! also Kelsey (not in the picture) She is such a funny girl! every time she comes around we have the funnest time! I am so GRATEFUL For these WONDERFUL people!
Cliff and Elise Halling, My in laws :) they are the sweetest people! I'm lucky i married into a great family, they are willing to help with any thing we need help with and they are such a great example! Cliff is such a sweet tender hearted man with a warming smile. Elise , she is such an AMAZING cook... haha its hard to live up to . she does alot for her church and neighbors. I love them dearly.
OH BOY! my parents! I think this picture sums it up... :) I am truly blessed to have such wonderful parents, not only are they my parents but they are also my BEST FRIENDS, I am grateful that I can tell them everything and them be understanding. My mom is such a great woman, she is always doing something for some one else... I want to be like my mom when I get older, she is such a sweet example to me and my sisters . My sweet dad, My dad has the sweetest soul, he has the power to make people feel like they are SO loved, I don't express how much he means to me like I should, but I have the best dad in the world, he is someone I want to be more like, When things happen to me , my dad is the one I turn to, he has a way with words and can make you feel like EVERYTHING is OK! I love my parents very much!
:) Stephen (Boo) he is the most sincere guy your ever going to meet, he is very quiet and so humble ;) I have so much fun with him, he is my best friend. he loves me and that's all I could ask for in a man! he is very athletic and good looking that's always a plus! Stephen is a great example to me in many ways , he unlike me lives life to the fullest and is fearless, I hope someday I can have some of those same tendencies :) I love you boo!

My Heavenly Father, With out him my life would be so different. He has given my the greatest blessings. I rely alot on the lord, when everything falls apart he is the one I turn to . I don't show him enough how grateful I am for him like I should , But I truly love him and am so grateful for his sacrifices he has made for me!


  1. Love it!
    You're so cute Shay, Shay!

  2. Shay,
    Can you send me the photo's of my family in the booth? That would rock!
    Happy Birthday in a couple of days!!! Whoo! 21....

  3. Shaylei, Your so sweet, loving and kind. Your one special grandaughter.
    Stephen is very special too. I love you both very much.

  4. Ok, now that you made me cry.......LOVE YOU Shay :)

  5. Ohhh how sweet!! I love you Shay even though you are not greatful for me.