Friday, July 30, 2010

WEll! soooo much has happend in the last month, 1st I got married! :) the day went very well! i woke up that day feeling like it was just another day, I remember seeing Stephen earlier that day to take the cake to his house and it was like it was just another day...and not that like the next time we see each other we would be married...! so the sealing was AMAZING! beautiful, the words that were said were, beyond This world, After that I went and got dressed and I remember walking down the hall in the temple, in my dress and I saw about 5 boys waiting for their wives to walk down the hall (I think I was the First) and then Stephen stood up and he was dressed in his tux..He looked amazing and all we said to eachother was WOW :) after that we took pictures outside with the family then just pictures of me and Stephen and I started to get a little sick... It was hot and I didnt eat a THING! Bad idea! sooo as soon I got back to the temple to get dressed I ran to the Bathroom and...well you know I vomited :( haha I think my dress was a little too tight. it happened again at the reception... and after that I was good :) haha the reception was flawless! amazing, My mom and sisters did such an amazing job with everything! that was the best day of my life! the next day we left for Jamaica the next day, and let me just tell you ... I HATE FLYING!!! but we got to atlanta georgia at 11 pm and it was pretty scary... we loocked ourselfs in our hotel alllll night hahah then we woke up and took our next flight to jamaica... we had so much fun in jamaica! it was so beautiful! We were unable to use our phones, because there was no service and it was the best thing because it forsed us to just focus on eachother! we had the best time... i'll post pics soon!

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