Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I have lots to write about! lets see... Fall is basically gone :( makes me sad. It seems to be the shortest season. I am so happy with how things are going right now.. things really cant get any better! I had a major blessing in disguise a couple months ago... back then it seemed like hell. Sometimes it takes a bad thing to make something even better then it was before! Its a strange thing to say it... but I'm so glad for that trial in my life. My mom told me "its either going to make or break you" I'm glad to say it totally made me and for the better! I can honestly say Stephen and I have NEVER been better! I get so excited to see everyday when I get home! He is amazing and I'm so grateful that we overcame this obstacle in our lives. We let go of the small and dumb things that were holding us back, we are moving forward! I love him with all my heart! we have a long ways to go but its going to be worth it! sometimes I don't understand why bad things happen. But you really have to put all your faith in Heavenly father... It always works out for the best! I'm so grateful!


  1. I loved reading that post :) I love you and Stephen and I am so thankful that things are going so good. I love you both a lot