Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October recap!

October! One of my most favorite months! It went by way to fast though! its already November?? what the! Stephen keeps saying that he is so excited for BLACK FRIDAY! (one of the best holidays). Okay a Quick recap! 

The Witch Festival~
We have a tradition to go the the Witch Festival every year at Gardener Village   ( GIRLS ONLY) 
I look forward to it every year! Everyone there is dressed up as witches! it is so cool! We always have a GREAT time! 

Apple Butter~  A new fun tradition I was able to be apart of this year was making apple butter with the Hallings! YUM! I had never heard of apple butter before ... its like a 2 day ordeal! Day1: peal ALOT of apples! Day 2: Put apples in a HUGE kettle...with some other ingredients... and you have to use this huge paddle looking thing to stir it. It has to be stirred constantly for like 10 hours! its a long process! but it was fun to be able to hang out with our family! they left with over 90 jars of apple butter! we will be set for life :) 

One of my BEST FRIENDS ever got engaged to her best friend this month! I am so excited for her! CONGRATS AMY & DANE!  

Disneyland! Oh my! I just love Disneyland especially in the fall! My work had a training in CA for a day so they paid for me to get down there and the hotel so i just had to get Stephen down there. We stayed for the whole weekend! It was so much fun! everything is better in Disneyland...cotton candy, popcorn :) It really gets me so excited to take our kids there someday! I saw so many little princesses and buzz lightyears, their smiles were so dang cute! I couldn't help but stare at the young families having the best time! gets me really excited! its such a magical place! I am a 5 year old princess when I go :) We got to experience the World of Color... WOW! one of the COOLEST things I have ever seen, I actually got emotional... if you have seen it you will know exactly what i am talking about! I encourage EVERYONE to go! We meet up with Stephens Aunt Amy while we were down there, we went to dinner with her, it was nice to catch up! I cant wait to go back! 

Halloween! Halloween was fun! its also my little sisters birthday! Every year we go over to my parents house my mom makes her AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS chili! My mom dresses up as a scary person and likes to scare the kids ( in a nice way :) ) this year we hung out with family for a little bit then we went over to our friend chaydens house to hang out with all of our friends! this year Stephen dressed up as Russel brand and I was a Vampire! It was a fun night to be with everyone! (pics will come soon) 

Today My cute friend Shawna and her Husband Andrew had their first baby boy! I am so excited for them! they are going to be the cutest parents! CONGRATS! 


  1. Looks like a blast you are beautiful in all of your pictures!!!! And thanks so much you guys need to come see him:-) he is a lot of fun!!

  2. Thanks Shawna! I know maybe we can come this week??